Trust! 萬事有神在
Trust! God is in control!

經文Scriptures:創世記 Genesis 28:20-22, 35:1-4;約伯記Job 1:21
講員: 周亦駿族長

Beware of turning faith into a transaction(創 Gen 28:20-22)

Empty out the feeling of security and trust God (創 Gen 35:1-4)

【小組討論題目 Questions for Discussion】

  1. 你與神的關係中,有沒有交易的感覺或味道?
    Is there an element of transaction in your relationship with God?
  2. 你人生中什麼的東西感到最沒有安全感?是比較難相信神會掌權的?試分享。
    What do you feel most insecure in your life? Something that is difficult to trust God? Let’s share.