擁抱耶穌的 Pure and Simple
Embrace Jesus’ Pure and Simple

耶穌的生命是柔和謙卑,對天父充滿單純的信心。讓我們一同來擁抱耶穌的Pure and simple!

Verse: Matthew 11

一. 單純的相信 Simply trust

A. 要在信心中常常禱告 v.1-8
Pray always in faith

B. 不要自以為義 v.9-14
Do not be self-righteous

二. 單純的領受 Simply Receive

A. 不要像有錢官般捉住世界 v.18-30
Do not hold on to the world like the rich ruler

B. 要像嬰孩般緊緊捉住神 v.15-17
Hold on to God as an infant