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See the calling of God

看見神的呼召 See the calling of God Verse:  Isaiah 49   一. 要成為神的僕人 (v.1-7) Become God’s servant 二. 要看見遍地復興 (v.8-13) See the revival across the land 三. 要起來門徒列國 (v.14-26) Rise up to disciple all nations

Impact generations, shine for God

Impact generations, shine for God Speaker:Pastor Lyan Man, Pastor Asaph Lau Date:2019.12.21 Language:English, Cantonese Bible Verse:1Sa 3:1-10,19-21 1. Waiting in darkness (v.1-3) 2. Responding to callings (v.4-10) 3. Rising in the presence of God (v.19-21)  

Great friends, true relationships

好朋友,真關係! Great friends, true relationships Verse: 1 Samuel 18:1-4, 19:1-7, 20:12-23 一. 真關係中有信任 撒上1Sa 18:1-4 There is trust in true relationships 二. 真關係中有真理 撒上1Sa 19:1-7 There is truth in true relationships 三. 真關係中對準神 撒上1Sa 20:12-23 Focus on God in true relationships

No more indulgence, come out of suppression

不再放縱 走出壓抑 No more indulgence, come out of suppression Verse: Luke 15:11-32 一. 自我放縱 乜都冇 v.11-16 Self-indulgence, losing everything A.冇關係 – 棄掉親情,終失友情 v.11-12 Lose relationship – forsake family relationship and even friendship B.冇身家 – 揮霍錢財,一無所有 v.13-14 Lose possession – squander money, end up with nothing C.冇得食 – 貪酒好食,與豬爭食 v.15-16 Lose food – crave for wine and food, longed to have pig’s food 二. 自我壓抑 實爆煲 v.25-30 Self-suppression, emotional outburst A. 爆憤怒 關係斷 v.25-28 Fits of rage, break relationships B. 飆狠話 人傷痛 v.29-30 Ruthless words, hurt others 三. 與父關係真連結 v.17-24; 31-32 True relationship with father A. 醒悟回頭 齊喜樂 v.17-24 Come back […]

Live out a holy life

活出聖潔生命 Live out a holy life Verse: Gal5:13-26 一. 愛心服事不為己 v.13-15 Serve with love selflessly 二. 當順著聖靈而行 v.16-26 Walk by the Spirit 1.脫離情慾的轄制 v.19-21 Free from the bondage of lust 2.滿有聖靈的果子 v.22-26 Have the fruit of the Spirit

Come! Power of God’s Kingdom

天國的能力降臨 Come! Power of God’s Kingdom Verse: Mark 9:14-29 A. Reveal! Salvation of our mighty God (v.14-22) B. Receive! Believe and Pray (v.23-29) 1. Have faith (v.23-27) 2. Prayer and fasting (v.28-29)

In Search of MVP

Ezekiel 34:1-6 This generation needs shepherds Multiplied blessings as a good testimony