Praise of the Tree of Life

Tree of Life does not remain unchanged. This year, there have been many internal adjustments in the church. The lives of our co-workers, couple relationship, family conditions and

Sweet Water Overflowing

In recent years, I have begun to appreciate how highly God thinks of the Day of Atonement. Without consecration and self-reflection,

Freedom brings Self-control

The church has birthed her 10th core value! Recently, the church is encountering internal problems while Hong Kong is facing critical moment externally.

Family • Breakfast • Meeting

All our staff gets together for breakfast meeting once a week. This is an exclusive time for me and Pastor Joshua to connect with them.

Ever-flowing Living Water, Change for the Better

Early this year, we received from God that the church shall enter a period of rest, hence reducing church activities and putting the body and soul of the co-workers to greater peace.