Looking Back, Filled with Gratitude

Penning “Pastor’s Note” week in and week out, I am always filled with boundless gratitude. Starting from the first sermon “Acceptable 2019” at the beginning of this year, I have not ceased thanking God for His “Acceptance” over us; as new things and blessings keep coming to us. Last Saturday, Professor Lin preached to over 510 people in the Abundant 120 Service. At the end of the service, Brother Chris walked into the main hall with flowers, singing Pastor Lyan’s favourite song “Looking back, filled with gratitude” which was written by C-Mo for the church’s 17th anniversary. He chose to […]

Walk in the rhythm of God

It is feast of Purim this week, celebrating the time God’s people were delivered from their enemies: their sorrows were turned into joy, and their mourning into a day of celebration. Since resuming the celebration of biblical festivals in 2004, we run an “Esther Musical” every Purim. It happens that we are in a period of rest this Purim, therefore we break away from this convention. The meaning of Purim will be shared through story-telling instead, a brand-new way for us to celebrate festivals. In the past fourteen years, we have been observing God-appointed festivals and following His heart. Unknowingly, […]

Host God Wholeheartedly

The coming weekend will be the last sermon in the “Hospitality” series, and the beginning of Phase 5 of the “Zechariah Church Building project”. From these, I am made aware of the good will and the guidance of our heavenly Father, and His acceptance of us. Phase 5 of this revival project includes building of the “Garden of Eden” on our purchased land in Cheung Chau, and renovation of the Multimedia Centre at Young Ya Industrial Building. Renovation at Young Ya has taken a long while because we had requested to change the usage of the site, and government approval […]

New Milestone of Couples’ Camp

The early spring of “Acceptable 2019” has brought warm weather, and two couples’ day camps held on the same day. One was tailor-made for the medical sector. How pleased I am to see the Couples’ Camp reach its 18-year milestone! Our disciples Chak Man and Elaine are doctors who long to disciple doctors: therefore, we organized a dinner meeting with some doctors. During the dinner, it was mentioned that 611 highly regarded family and marriage relationships. The “Couples’ Camp” is considered a signature camp of ours which appeals to many of them. Therefore, we promptly decided to hold a couples’ […]

Pass on the Promises of the Patriarchs

Last Sunday, the seventh and final message of the “Jacob series” titled “Acceptable 2019: Jacob who Passes on the Promise” was preached. Thank God! The life of Jacob is just like the lives of many of us. It’s only by the mercy and election of God that he was able to enter into blessings and inherit the promises. Declaring in the first message of 2019 (6th Jan) that “God accepts us,” I have been walking in faith and beholding the Works of God! Especially in the beginning of this year, He led us to purchase a field of over 160,000 […]

Becoming “Tree of Life Church”

Starting from last week, we read the book of Revelation in morning devotion which we have done a few times before. As I revisit it again, I am deeply touched. Holy Spirit shows me that the Church is the Tree of Life. In the era of turbulent, turmoil and unrest it shall arise and speak out. It shall also bear fruits just as the Tree of Life, bringing hope, revival and transformation. In 2005, prompted by the Holy Spirit and for the sake of reviving Asia, “Holy Spirit 100” took place where we studied the bible and prayed for 100 […]

The Grace of Acceptance

As we returned from Australia on the morning of the 4th day of
Chinese New Year, I am thankful to have spent the first service of
Chinese New Year with you all.

Extravagant Flower Bouquets, Displaying God’s Grace

Entering the first year of “Planting Trees of Life everywhere in 52years”, the first thing God wants from us is to make every effort to enter His rest. Regardless of the positions held in church, all of us must adjust our pace in life to enter His rest. From de-cluttering our homes, to physical training, to restoring relationships, to connecting with God; we strive to be physically renewed through rest. From 26th of January till the end of October this year, the church shall enter rest in all areas. Apart from main meetings, all ministries will be reduced by half […]

Accepted Because of Faith

With the coming of Chinese New Year, may I wish my family in Christ a blessed New Year! In Acceptable 2019, may we find peace and joy at home and at work; may we be hugely prosperous in everything we do; may we be greatly strengthened in discipleship as our lives continue to be uplifted! I especially bless our single members to meet their godly partners and be greatly accepted by God and man. At the end of 2018, I retreated with the “Curator Staff” to Kuching. In sheer amazement, we watched the galaxy God had created. Psalm 19 came […]

Turning 60, A New Life’s Beginning

26th Jan marks my wife Delphine’s 60th birthday. In my life, Delphine is truly the 360 degree (all-round) wife God has given me. From knowing each other, dating, discipling, building church, to planting Trees of Life everywhere etc., she has always been my most important partner in life.

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