Welcoming Feast of Tabernacles in Peace

On October 1, simultaneous demonstrations were held in multiple districts of Hong Kong. News and media speculated major confrontations to happen,

The Blessing of Blessings

Last Tuesday and Wednesday (September 17-18), joined by our team, C-Mo and I attended the pastors’ meeting held by “BOL Global Apostolic Network”

Length of Days is in God

Recently, during morning devotion we read on Deuteronomy where blessings and curses are mentioned.

Steadfastly Wait on God

In the present predicament of Hong Kong, we shall continue to steadfastly wait on God.

Just Bless


This Is the Day the Lord Has Made

This is the day the Lord has made! Even though we feel like being swarmed around like bees, let us neither eye on how difficult the present situation is, nor rely on the action of the government.

Freedom Brings Self-control

In such a difficult time, God has led us to birth the tenth core value of our church: Freedom Brings Self-control.

Be Priests of the Time

Thank God! He keeps sending us His Words in these stormy days, assuring us that He reigns over all. Simply, we follow God with all our heart and soul and be priests of the time. His promise for us and for Hong Kong will definitely come true and He will grant us peace in peril. Recently we read on the book of Deuteronomy during morning devotion. Despite the continuous disobedience of the Israelites against the Lord, He did not put an end to the relationship with them. Instead, He took the initiatives to restore it. God answered the prayer of […]

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