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More Love, More Trust

Ruth 1
Preacher: Pastor Ruby Kwok
1. Still love no matter how difficult (v.1-13)
2. Still trust no matter how impossible (v.14-18)
3. More love, more trust, share the grace of life (v.19-22)

Seeing 2020

Psalm 20
Preacher: Pastor Ruby Kwok
1. Pray fervently and ask God to see v.1-5
2. Full of faith we can see v.6-9

Arise a New Generation Leader

Joshua 1:1-18
Preacher: Pastor Stephen Samoy
1. God chooses the leader (v.1-9)
2. Leader gives clear command and instruction (v. 10-15)
3. Leader obeys and follows authorities (v.16-18)

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