24/7 Introduction

1. The Origin of 24/7 Worship
a) In the time of Eden, Heaven and the earth were connected. However, as men sinned, Heaven and the earth separated.

b) King David walked very closely with God and his life was filled with passion for God. He desired Heaven and the presence of God to come down to earth and thus began 24/7 worship.

c) In the Tent of David, the Jews and the gentiles worshipped God together, which signified the way of worship in churches in New Testament time.

2. The 24/7 Worship
a) 24/7 is a worship experience of Heaven-on-earth.

b) 24/7 is a key to activate revival ( the Azusa Street Revival, Global Mission Movement, church unity, salvation of the Jewish people)

c) May 14, 1948 was the day of restoration of the Israel nation. The scripture Amos 9:11 was remembered and recited among the Israelites on that day.

d) According to the Jewish calendar, Revival 99 started on the national day of Israel, a date aligned with God’s plan for the Israel nation.

e) God is rebuilding the days of King David (the most prosperous years of Israel)

3. The purposes of 24/7 Worship
a) To restore the Tent of David is to restore the church’s relationships with Israel and gentile churches. (Acts 15:13-16)

b) 24/7 Worship must be built upon a foundation of the church’s relationship with Israel and with other gentile churches.

c) It is for the preparation of a big harvest:

– 24/7 Worship shall bring an exceedingly great number of people to receive the salvation of Christ.

– As 24/7 Worship and Prayers begin, the gate of the Heaven shall open and the presence of God will come down. By this people will be drawn into the Kingdom of God.

– Waves of people will rush into the Kingdom of God.

d) It is for the preparation of the Lamb’s wedding banquet:

– God is to bring us into a more intimate relationship with Him and allow us to receive even more of His Words, prospering the growth and renewal of our lives.

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