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Amen God’s Leading

Pastor Alan and Aviyah C-Mo of Amen 611 in Macau returned to Hong Kong last month. After a stroke, Alan needs some time to recover. It happened that God led us to preach “Praise” at Sunday service during this time. Remembering how experienced they are in praise and warfare, we invited Aviyah to share with Deborah. It was a real surprise to see God’s affirmation everywhere!

Deborah chose 2 Chronicles chapter 2 to preach which talked about Jehoshaphat waged war by praise and then the Lord sent an ambush to defeat his enemy. What a coincidence that the first message when Amen 611 was established fourteen years ago was on this scripture, truly God is in our midst. After Aviyah’s preaching, I just let her and Alan do what they wanted during response. Alan took the stage and led the shofar team to blow shofar. He was hoping to testify God’s healing as his BEING of blowing trumpet has been restored after the stroke. But God’s thoughts are higher than ours. There is a “Trumpet Healing” ministry in Amen 611. As they sensed the strong presence of the Holy Spirit there and then, without delay, they entered into deeper healing, realising the mighty healing of the Holy Spirit from the Mercy Seat.

Under the light of the Holy Spirit, I realized that the word “Amen” appeared three times in the scripture. It also mentioned the desert of “Tekoa” which means, “Blowing trumpet”. God reaffirms us. This time, the Word of God was released through them – He wants us to triumph by praise. We were utterly amazed by the leading of God, we couldn’t help but keep saying “Amen”.

It was also a wonderful leading of God how I met Alan. Twenty years ago, co-workers were having a retreat in Macau. I was talking to Alan about our past, then we found out we used to live in the same floor. His older brothers were close to me, and I was able to call them by name. Alan was the young little brother! Little did I think that the kids who grew up in the same resettlement area would become pastors going on this journey of faith together, how wonderful God’s leading is!

God is real, He has been leading us – how we grew up and met, the commission of Mr and Mrs Alan and how they have been connecting with us till now. I believe that as we keep following God and “Amen” God’s leading, Trees of Life will definitely be planted everywhere!■【2022.09.04】

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