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Finding Love under Tree of Life

I really thank God for bringing me to HK611 where my life has been changed totally.

Before coming here, I had been bitter toward my dad because he was quiet and didn’t enjoy being with the family. Therefore, I felt worthless, depressed, lonely and hopeless.

This year, God has healed the hurts from my dad and delivered me from self-blaming, inferiority, and loneliness. Now I can accept myself more, because my cell leader and the 611 family first love me so that I know I am worthy to be loved.

The atmosphere here is always warm and welcoming to whoever wants to join them. As I simply stay in this atmosphere and spend time with them, I feel that I am healed somehow. Now I am going back to Japan and getting ready to study at university next year. I look forward to a new chapter in my life, all glory to God!

Sister Yuka Yamakura

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