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It is by God’s choosing

In last Sunday’s services, the message of “Following God in Adversity” talked about trusting God’s presence, protection and providence. It’s not easy to face the pandemic for such a prolonged period of time, but we have to stay alert, so that we may not fall into the enemy’s traps – like a frog boiled alive in lukewarm water. As we continue to trust God, we will surely come out of the deadlock.

Genesis 26:1-25 mentioned that Isaac followed God’s Providence and finally went to Beersheba. That has reminded us many things. In adversity, man is prone to take the easy option and avoid hardship. However, God stopped Isaac from going down to Egypt and kept him in the Promised Land. Isaac was facing the adversity of a famine, which was totally out of his hand – just like the COVID-19 we face today. At present, the discovery of effective medication such as vaccine is our only hope. The pandemic has shown no sign of weakening, but we must continue to trust God’s faithfulness and guidance.

The Covenant of Abraham depended not on Isaac but God’s choosing. We therefore have an answer facing an adversity. Just like God asked Isaac to trust the covenant He had made with Abraham — how He had led Abraham, He should do the same with Isaac. God made a covenant with me in 2001, taking me back to Hong Kong because He would do great things here. Once in 2017 when C-Mo and I were in Taiwan, I was suddenly hit by severe headache (which we later found out to be a brain aneurysm) at two in the morning. The next day C-Mo asked me if I could take the flight as scheduled. To that, I said yes but I couldn’t recall anything else. I struggled even to present my passport to the custom at the airport. Totally unaware of my medical condition back then, I even took a hot bath returning home. Thank God for His protection. Now, I am still healthy and can play basketball as usual and continue to serve God.

In 2018, God revealed to us the vision of “Planting Trees of Life Everywhere in 52 Years,” and in July we saw the concurrent appearance of the sunset and the rising moon at the Cruise Carnival. As we were ready to go in full swing, we have been met with waves of adversity, including the social movement in Hong Kong last summer and then COVID-19 this year. Yet I always trust God’s choosing over me and it is He who brought me back to Hong Kong.

How to plant Trees of Life in the face of adversity? I have seen God’s work everywhere. Originally, we planned to equip students from different places before sending them back to their local churches. However, during the pandemic, onsite classes were not possible even for local students. Hence, online Bible School has been started, and surprisingly, over 33 churches from more than ten countries and regions have registered to participate, bringing in more students than ever before! God’s thoughts are indeed higher than our thoughts!

Moreover, God has elevated our anointing in healing and deliverance, which is no longer restricted to one-on-one healing, or prayer-walk in different cities and countries. In the book of Revelation, the leaves of the Tree of Life are for the healing of the nations. When the Tree of Life church is built, people come to the fragrance of the atmosphere of the Tree of Life, their lives and families will be healed and transformed, and they will also be blessed financially. This is the planting of Trees of Life everywhere!

Several years ago, we went to Beersheba where we prayed and received the anointing of the “Well of the Covenant.” Dear brothers and sisters, God has told us beforehand that He will be with us. In economic adversity, we fear not but trust God for His leading on 611 in the past. Let us continue to follow Him and believe that He keeps His covenant and gives mercy, undoubtedly we shall come through adversity.•[2020.08.23]

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