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Prophetic Anointing

Prophetic Anointing

Exercise of Prophetic Gift

  • Members of the Prophetic Team may practice their prayer ministry at the end of every service.
  • Those with an obvious Prophetic Gift may take part in the Kingdom ministry of 611 BOL’s Prophetic Team.

God determines to prosper Leadership Institute

I saw a field where the grain was ripe, I thought it was time for harvest. However, the bottom left hand corner somehow turned black which looked like someone had put asphalt there. That small black patch was spreading out slowly.

Pastor Deborah Tung

611 Bread of Life Christian Church

Then, someone was shoveling hard to make a fan-shaped ditch so that water might go in. The virus that looked like asphalt was not able to cross the ditch so it stopped spreading.

I heard God saying: you have to pour oil on the darkened field and set fire on it. Burn it all up and kill all virus. Leave the field and the ashes where they were and they shall turn into nutrients, making good of what was bad.

As people did that, and the wind and rain brought the ashes to this fan-shaped area. The soil received rest and much-needed nutrients, many green plants started to sprout and kept sprouting. No one was sowing but many plants grew from the area. It was a grain field, but in this fan-shaped part, something like watermelon was sprouting. When I looked closer, it was truly watermelon growing. At first, this area was bad but after the fire and with the ditch in place, it received nutrients and grew watermelon in good quality and quantity.

Then the farmers came with great joy. They are the coworkers in the Kingdom Revival Department. They started to harvest, not the grain but the watermelon field with a bamboo basket on each one’s back and soon all baskets were full with watermelon. What a great harvest! Right after the harvest, small ones grew again in the same place. Even while they were harvesting and transporting, new watermelon grew, it was a picture of endless harvest.

God didn’t want me to fix my eyes on the grain field but on the fan-shaped area. God said, “Be bold and determined in making decision. First, make a ditch to let the water come in as a barrier. Then set the field on fire so that it may become a fertile land, a rich and forever fruitful watermelon field.

It began to bear much fruit, many people came and took watermelon from this area. They did not go for grain but watermelon. God said: I am God of prosperity. I determine to prosper Leadership Institute. Then, people no longer look at the grain field but the countless watermelon land.

Leadership Institute is going to reach all nations

In my prayer, I saw a light beam coming down from Heaven. This beam shines on different places in the world. God said, “My Child, Leadership Institute will reach various places in the world. It is brighter in some places but weaker and unstable in others.”

Pastor Debby Tam

611 Bread of Life Christian Church

God said: “it is time to disciple daughter churches”. I saw the churches with strong light growing bigger and bigger while the weak and unstable ones stay the same

God said: “it is time and season to disciple daughter churches”. After that, I saw different series in our local Leadership Institute but there was also a small hammer which kept hammering…different series.

God said: “Overall, it is good. But I am going to tear down and renew the worn-out ones.” I saw someone who kept writing curriculum. God said: “raise up more people to write curriculum. Let more people join the teachers’ group so that they may exercise their talents.”

God said: “In 611, there are many who can write curriculum. Build up teachers. The course content of the institute will be more down-to-earth and practical so that more people can participate.

Then I saw the Joshua course radiating. God said: “Expand Joshua course because there are people with a longing heart”. God said: “Children, not only should you expand it, but also renew and reform.”

I saw a layer of dust over the Joshua course. Although there are many people, there is a layer of dust. God said: “Children, be renewed! There is a group of marketplace brothers and sisters who desire for the words of God. Therefore, expand the Joshua course, I shall definitely prosper it”. Also, I saw the Joshua students went to marketplace after study. It looked like they were leading cell groups and holding courses to influence marketplace people. God said: “Mobilize marketplace leaders to lead.”

Many people are brought to the 611 church due to these cell groups and courses and their lives being changed continuously. God said: “You are to go out! Let the marketplace leaders go out. They are greatly motivated and with high potentials.” God said: “There is something new to be developed. Let them go to their marketplace, reach various peoples during their study.” God said: “I will be with you.”

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