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144 Leader’s Banquet Offering Thanksgiving

Praise the Lord that 144 Leader’s Banquet successfully concluded on 3rd February. Pastor Joshua and C-Mo, joined by MG leaders and leader members, offered thanksgiving to God for His good works in our church.

First of all, MG leaders thanked God for keeping our church, this Tree of Life immovable in such turbulent times. Truly, God has been maintaining the continuous growth of the whole church under the Tree of Life atmosphere. Furthermore, after church discipleship restructure, couples do discipleship together so that they complement each other. Not only is their relationship boosted, also their cell members are able to sense the love and covering of the spiritual parents deeper. Single MG leaders were largely grateful for being able to disciple couples as they experienced major breakthrough in discipleship.

Moreover, the “360º Womanhood” published last year has improved the life of our female cell leaders who find support from their husbands in family, marketplace and church. As they exercise their gifts and disciple cell members, their marriage relationship upgraded and cell groups prospering and glorious. Thank God for growing our church, this Tree of Life sturdy! Hallelujah! All glory and praises be to God!•[2020.02.09]

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