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Be Priests of the Time

Thank God! He keeps sending us His Words in these stormy days, assuring us that He reigns over all. Simply, we follow God with all our heart and soul and be priests of the time. His promise for us and for Hong Kong will definitely come true and He will grant us peace in peril.

Recently we read on the book of Deuteronomy during morning devotion. Despite the continuous disobedience of the Israelites against the Lord, He did not put an end to the relationship with them. Instead, He took the initiatives to restore it. God answered the prayer of Moses and chose the Levites again to be His priests. After the death of Aaron, God chose Eleazar his son to succeed him as priest. He restated that “the Levites are Mine” and consecrated them to Him. What’s more, the Lord Himself would be their inheritance. Priests and Levites are the key to the rise and fall of the whole nation and deciding whether the Israelites could enter the promised land.

In the era of New Testament nowadays, we, as Christians, are all priests of the time in a broad sense. We should comprehend and treasure importance of an intercessor and in such capacity assume the responsibility of priests to serve God and bless people. We should imitate Moses who stood between God and people, to intercede for Hong Kong. May God restore the destiny and role of Hong Kong in God’s Kingdom to be the base for the r evival of China and Asia.

“Circumcise your hearts, therefore, and do not be stiff-necked any longer. For the Lord your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great God, mighty and awesome, who shows no partiality and accepts no bribes.” (Deuteronomy 10:16- 17)

Behold, brothers and sisters, this God of gods and Lord of lords has established relationship with us and given us the tablets of the covenant law. Today He has put His laws in our midst while the Holy Spirit engraves His Words on our hearts. Furthermore, Jesus Christ is the incarnation of His Word among us because He is the God whose Word has become flesh and who has come to save us.

Every one of us has experienced God’s salvation, so how should we respond to Him today? Let us acknowledge and face the human nature which is rebellious and absent-minded, let us circumcise our hearts and be stiff-necked no more. We should be largely grateful to God for choosing us out of all nations. Today He has chosen Hong Kong out of the whole world and 611 Bread of Life Church out of the whole Hong Kong. Therefore, we should hold fast to Him, fear Him and love Him even more. No matter what happens to Hong Kong, we are to rely on Him and bless this place.

Brothers and sisters, our God is mighty and awesome, and His purposes shall surely be accomplished. We should guard our status as our position as priest of the time, pray earnestly for Hong Kong and our church, and lead Hong Kong through difficulties into revival. • [2019.08.11]