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It’s All by God’s Grace

We have just celebrated our 18th birthday. Recalling God’s Grace over the past 18 years, I am deeply touched and greatly thankful. Besides granting us land and property, Father God brought His workers and their families to us. With the Light of the Holy Spirit comes continuous revelation. Therefore, the 611 vision keeps expanding and being fulfilled. Starting from scratch until present, we attribute all to God’s Grace!

Returning to Hong Kong in response to God’s call in 2001, right after the flight I knelt on the land of Hong Kong and said “God, here I am, let me behold Your work.” Initially, we met at Fort Street, rented it at an hourly rate of HK$100 for four hours, and increased to six hours later on. We even arranged the handover of the keys every week ourselves. Afterwards, we rented the North Point Pier for five and a half years. In September 2007, we relocated to Tsuen Wan and purchased the Wealthy Garden Main Hall which was our first property. The Mercy Seat and Young Ya came after, and we even bought the “Garden of Eden” at Nam Tam in Cheung Chau in the beginning of this year.

At first, Pastor Deborah’s visa was pending approval, so C-Mo and I were the only ones serving – preaching, PPT, keyboard playing, children’s church, and prayer response time. Today, we have the dancing team, the choir, and the worship team on-stage; AV team and usher team serving off-stage. Some of our co-workers joined us when they were 30 something, 18 years later, they are now in their 50s. As they commit themselves to the church, they are growing continuously. In the past I was the solo pastor serving in Vancouver, but now C-Mo and I are leading the church where we are dearly loved. I am undeserving and yet God’s Grace brings all these to pass.

Other than giving us land, property and vessels, Father God keeps unfolding His vision to us. When I first received the 611 vision, I only understood the works of Holy Spirit manifested in power ministry, and the five-fold ministry. Then, God unfolded His vision: we are to disciple nations and focus on discipleship. Following that, we comprehend that “Church is the head over all things”, “Embracing Pearls”, “Kindness” and “One Way”. Thereafter, I had received from God that a church should be a Tree of Life. On July 18 last year, I received the vision of “52 Years’ Planting Trees of Life Everywhere”. The Cruise Carnival set sail on July 23, which was the 11th day of the 6th month on the lunar calendar. The divine vision of 611 is constantly being enriched and developed, to our amazement!

Thank God that He speaks to us every day, and the Light of the Holy Spirit is shining bright on us every moment. These 18 years, we tend the lamp with our Morning Devotion. Now, the number of participants ranges from 300 to 500. Our ministry at the bronze altar is largely flourishing, and brothers and sisters earnestly bring their offerings. Due to the tending of the lamp in the morning, the light of the golden lampstand stays lit, making the truth visible to all. Prayer is offered on the gold incense altar, and the Glory of God greatly manifests. Then God Himself accomplishes all. Dear brothers and sisters, everything we have is from the Grace and rich revelations of God, definitely not of man. All is the mighty work of God: Him drawing man to Himself and displaying His Glory. We shall give Him all the thanks and praises! • [2019.05.19]