Tree of Life Heartified Commandments Rawship Gathering

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Conference FAQ

1. Should I get travel insurance before my trip?
It is highly recommended to get travel insurance, especially since hospitalization in Hong Kong can be very costly. Here are the charges for government hospitals for overseas visitors:
✅ Accident and Emergency: $1,230 per consultation
✅ In-patient Service (General Wards): $5,100 per day (deposit of $51,000)
✅ Intensive Care Unit: $24,400 per day (deposit of $51,000)
✅ Nursery: $1,340 per day.
More details

2. How can I get to the venue from the Hong Kong Airport?

TransportationPriceTime needed
TaxiAround HK$250 each trip28 mins
Bus A31
Airport → The bus stop at Yan Chai Hospital → Cross the road to →#Panda Hotel 
Panda Hotel →HK Airport
Each HK$19.860 mins
Airport Express
Airport Express to Tsing Yi Station where you can take taxi to the church directly
● Airport Express – HK$70@
● The taxi fare is around HK$35
* Please find the Airport Express fare on the #website
60 mins

● 2023.8 The above information is updated as of August 2023
● The above-mentioned fare is for reference only.  Kindly consider the on-site price for accurate information.

3. What are the clinics near the church?


TEL: +852-24227778
【Consultation Hours】
Mon 13:00-20:00
Tue 13:00-20:00
Wed Close
Thur 13:00-20:00
Fri 13:00-20:00
Sat 13:00-20:00
Sun 13:00-20:00

診所地址:荃灣德士古道36-60號 東亞花園商場地下A113-118B舖

Western medicine practitioner / Chinese medicine practitioner

星期一︰09:00-13:00 / 16:00-20:30
星期二︰09:00-13:00 / 16:00-20:30
星期三︰09:00-13:00 / 16:00-20:30
星期四︰09:00-13:00 / 16:00-20:30
星期五︰09:00-13:00 / 16:00-20:30
星期六︰09:00-13:00 / 下午休息

診所地址:荃灣大窩口道1號 宏華大廈地下E舖
星期一︰09:00-13:30 / 15:30-20:00
星期二︰09:00-13:30 / 15:30-20:00
星期三︰上午休息 / 15:30-20:00
星期四︰09:00-13:30 / 15:30-20:00
星期五︰09:00-13:30 / 15:30-20:00

聯絡電話:+852-54865744 (Whatsapp)
診症時間:星期一至日 9:00-13:00 / 14:00-21:00
*Open on public holidays


+852 2417 8383

+852 2275 6688

+852 2200 3434

4. Is there any information about the Tree of Life Heartified Commandments Worship Conference for Singapore and Malaysia in August?

5. Why would the coming Tree of Life Heartified Commandments Worship Conference be different from that in Kuching? 
✅The 611 gathering is an unfiltered and authentic event (RAW). It’s a straightforward and spontaneous gathering where worship, dancing, witnessing, speakers, and response are all led by & flow with the Holy Spirit. As a result, each gathering is unique. The gathering at different times with different congregations and speakers will result in varied work of the Holy Spirit. Consequently, what is presented at each gathering is unique.
✅As of the most recent summary message on the Heartified Ten Commandments on September 10, 2023, there have been 27 sermons on the topic. It came to our attention that the very first sermon on the Heartified Ten Commandments was given on November 1, 2020, which was exactly three years before the Tree of Life Heartified Ten Commandments Worship conference scheduled for November 1, 2023. This realization leads me to believe that the anointing of the conference will reach new heights of fullness and abundance.

6. RAW:Restore Authentic Worship (恢復真實的敬拜)

In the prayer meeting on 8th August, C-Mo Delphine shared her insights from God about worship:

“On 4/8, I gathered a group of worship leaders to share with them what I had learnt about worship. Worship in the church should be back to basics. God does not need us to add a lot of elaborate elements to our worship, and He does not care if the arrangement of our songs is in line with the original album. In fact, God wants us to have true worship of Him. What is true worship? True worship is simple and pure that comes from the heart.

During my sharing with the worship leaders, I received inspiration from God. He gave me the word “RAW” and I asked them to explore the meaning of each letter. Together, we interpreted “RAW” as an acronym for “Restore Authentic Worship”. This made me realize that God desires us to return to the fundamentals of true worship and the most genuine form of expression. We do not need to embellish or pretend before God, as He knows us inside out. Our worship should be honest, open and transparent. We should strive to be true worshipers and seek true worship. In future, we should refrain from saying “practice worship” because worship cannot be practiced. Worshiping God means to do so in truth. As we come together to play worship music, our focus is on worshiping God.”

Let’s glorify the name of God by expressing our true worship in church, family, small groups, and the workplace! (20 September 2019)

7. Is it possible for churches in Singapore and Malaysia to register for the upcoming conference?
✅Absolutely! You are more than welcome to register for the event. The November conference will feature unique content, and we have received an overwhelming response to the August conference, with many individuals already requesting to bring more people to join the November conference.

8. Are there any Children’s Church gatherings?
✅Please note that there are no Children Church gatherings during the school year. However, we will be hosting a children gathering for kids aged between 5 and 12 on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. In order to prepare materials, we kindly request that you register in advance for the event. The registration fee is HK$100 per child and does not include accommodation. Thank you for your understanding.

9. I am a brother/sister attending 611 Bread of Life Christian Church (Hong Kong). How do I register for the conference?
✅ After the 26th of September 2023, you can obtain the airtable registration link from your cell leader and fill in the necessary information to complete the registration process. Cell leaders, please watch the MG bulletin board group and share the registration details with your cell members.

10. I am a student of HK611 Bible School and overseas online livestream point , do I have to pay for the conference?
✅ For elective students, kindly attend the conference sessions corresponding to your chosen electives. No extra payment is necessary for these sessions. However, if you wish to attend other conference sessions not related to your electives, you may do so by paying an additional attendance fee. Please pay this fee to your designated live-stream point.
✅If you are an overseas Bible School student and have paid for your hotel accommodation to attend the conference in Hong Kong, you can still participate in the online conference through your local live-stream points if you cannot travel. However, please be aware that no live broadcasts are scheduled for the conference sessions on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

11. I am currently a Bible School Student at overseas livestream point. Am I able to attend the onsite conference in Hong Kong?
✅Absolutely! You are more than welcome to attend it. To register, please reach out to your church’s pastor or co-workers.

12. May I know the fee for a single occupancy room in case of special circumstances?
✅The accommodation registration fee includes three nights of stay, and additional charges will be applied based on the actual days of stay.
✅A surcharge of HK$400 per night will be charged for half a room for the first three nights.
✅From the fourth night onwards, a room surcharge of HK$800 per night will be applicable.

13. Is the registration open for the churches in China?
✅ The organizer abides by the guidelines of the Religious Affairs Bureau and does not accept all applications from mainland churches (except for foreign passport holders).

Meeting Venue:Mercy Seat

Date of Conference: (10:00) 1st Nov 2023 to (13:00) 3rd Nov 2023)
All Christians with the desire for the Lord are welcome to join
Organizer: 611 Bread of Life Christian Church
Meeting Venue: Mercy Seat
2/F, Shopping Arcade A, Wealthy Garden, 2-18 Tsuen Kwai Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong. (map)

There is simultaneous translation of Putonghua and English. Zoom translation for other languages. Please register the earliest because of limited spaces.


大會已跟悦來酒店(Panda Hotel)預訂相當數量房間,方便直接步行至教會,歡迎透過大會訂房。We have booked a number of rooms at the Panda Hotel, which is conveniently located within walking distance of the church, and you are welcome to book your room through the conference committee.

News of Kuching Conference

The Tree of Life Heartified Commandments Worship Conference Branch Churches were well fed with great nutrients

“The Tree of Life Heartified Commandments Worship Conference” was held on 18th to 20th August for three days. The hall was filled to capacity with eager pastors and brothers & sisters of branch churches. (more…


  1. Adult Registration Fee:
    Each HK$800 (excluding accommodation)
    Each HK$1800 (including the accommodation for 4 days 3 nights)
    ❤️Concession registration fee (Excluding accommodation)
    Each HK$750
    10 persons or above in the same church, each HK$650
    30 persons or above in the same church, each HK$550
    70 persons or above in the same church, each HK$500
    ❤️Concession registration fee with accommodation (4 days and 3 nights)
    Each HK$1700
    10 persons or above in the same church, each HK$1600
    30 persons or above in the same church, each HK$1500
    70 persons or above in the same church, each HK$1400
    🔔 Please arrange your own accommodation
    🔔 The room costs HK$800 (for 2 persons) each night
    The concession price lasts till 1st October 2023 (Sunday)
  2. Children (aged 5-12)–Registration Fee: @HK$100(Gathering at nights on Wed & Thur)
  3. Conference dates:(10:00) 1st Nov 2023 to (13:00) 3rd Nov 2023
  4. Registration fee and three nights’ accommodation are free for senior pastors and their spouses from 611 Branch Churches and Discipleship Churches. Only one pair of senior pastor and the spouse can avail the free registration fee on the same registration form.
  5. Group discounts will be calculated based on the actual number of attendees who would pay from the same church.
  6. The registration fee does not cover airfare, accommodation, meals, and beverages, which should be paid by the applicant.
  7. The stage will have simultaneous translation in Mandarin and English. Other languages will be translated on Zoom (please install Zoom on your own).
  8. The seats are limited, so early registration is recommended.
  9. Please send all application forms to

Payment method

  1. When the organizer receives the registration, it will confirm the registration & provide the remittance information via emal.
  2. The name of your church will be used as the head of the receipt. If you have any questions, please contact us.

For church group registration:Stella Wong (Whatsapp: +85298366149)

Tree of Life Heartified Commandments Worship Conference

Dates of Conference: (10:00) 1st Nov 2023 to (13:00) 3rd Nov 2023)
The Christians who have desire for God are welcome to join
Simultaneous translation in Mandarin and English, as well as Zoom translation in various other languages. Limited seats, please register early

Organizer: 611 Bread of Life Christian Church
Meeting Venue: Mercy Seat
2/F, Shopping Arcade A, Wealthy Garden, 2-18 Tsuen Kwai Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong. (map)





    聚會地點:施恩座 (荃灣荃貴街2-18號 富麗花園A商場2字樓)【連結地圖


    計程車(的士)每程約250元28 分鐘
    50 分鐘
    A31號機場巴士到荃灣(仁濟醫院巴士站)每位19元60 分鐘



    旺角25 分鐘25 分鐘25 分鐘
    尖沙咀30 分鐘30 分鐘30 分鐘

    Remittance: Please pay the local bank charges and pay the bank charges of HKD100 per remittance.
    For telegraphic transfer payment, the procedure is as follows: 【To avoid expensive remittance fees, please contact the person who will remit the money to the organizer in one lump sum.

    1. Please transfer the full amount of fees, including registration and accommodation fees, via telegraphic transfer (T.T.) to the following Hong Kong bank account.
      Name of Beneficiary︰611 Bread of Life Christian Church Limited
      Banker ︰Bank of China (Hong Kong) Ltd.
      Branch ︰Kwai Cheong Road Branch
      Banker Address ︰1 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong
      Swift Code ︰BKCHHKHH
      Bank Account No. ︰#012-927-1-018691-9 (Saving A/C)
      Remarks︰31004(Mandatory Must fill in)
    2. After making the remittance, please indicate the enrolment church, contact telephone number and the purpose of remittance as “2023-11 Tree of Life Conference” on the T.T. form and send an email ( together with the enrolment form to the organizer.
    3. Upon receipt of the application form and T.T. form, the organizer will confirm your application and room reservation via email.
    4. The name of your church will be used as the head of the receipt. If you have any questions, please contact us.

    【Contact persons】
    For church group registration:Stella Wong (Whatsapp: +85298366149)
    For the brothers & sisters of 611 Bread of Life Christian Church (Tsuen Wan):Jonathan (, Whatsapp: +85251709236)



    2. 為什麼本次聚會跟八月份在古晉舉行的星馬地區生命樹心版十誡敬拜特會內容不同?

    3. RAW:Restore Authentic Worship (恢復真實的敬拜)

    「在4/8,我招聚了一班敬拜主領,跟他們分享我對敬拜的體會。教會的敬拜要回到最基礎(back to the basic),神不需要我們在敬拜祂時加插很多花巧的東西,祂也不介意我們主崇的詩歌編排是否跟足原裝大碟的編排。其實神要我們對祂有真實的敬拜。甚麼是真實的敬拜?真實的敬拜是簡單(simple)、純潔(pure),從心裡出來的敬拜。

    當我一邊跟敬拜主領們分享時,神就賜給我一個英文詞語:RAW。我請他們去領受每個英文字母所代表的意思,後來他們一同領受了 RAW 代表 Restore Authentic Worship(恢復真實的敬拜)。我覺得神要我們的敬拜回到最基礎、最原始、最真實的味道。我們不需要裝飾、掩飾,我們是怎樣,神看得一清二楚。在神面前的敬拜,要完全真實、敞開、透明。我們要追求真實的敬拜,成為真實的敬拜者。以後我們不要說『練敬拜』,因為敬拜不是練出來的,敬拜神就是要真實的敬拜祂。我們是在夾band,也是在敬拜神。」


    4. 請問本次特會,星馬地區可以報名嗎?

    5. 請問本次有兒童聚會嗎?

    6. 請問由香港機場如何前往特會地點?

    交通工具價 錢約須時間約需時
    每人每程港幣$19 60分鐘
    ● 計程車計程車約35元

    ● 以上資料時間為2023.8
    ● 以上價錢均為參考價,請以現場價錢為主

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